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Information on Sports Injuries & Sports Massage.

Massage is not just used as a treatment but also as prevention for example in Sports. Sports Massage is an essential part of any sport not just as a prevention against injury, but it also enhances the player's performance in speed and flexibility.

I found that the impact of repetive movements and muscle strain takes a communitive toll on the bodies connective tissues. Pulling on the skeletal system. Whether you are a fitness buff or an athlete or performing artist or active person and are interested in peak performance, Sports Massage Therapy techniques combined with exercises, will enhance movement flexibility and optimal muscle functioning


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 Pain Relief & Sports Injuries Clinic

There is a mis-conception that performance or sports massage is just the same as normal massage but just a little deeper.

" This is NOT True" Performance massage or Sports Massage is a combination of deep tissue massage, trigger point release therapy, stretching of the muscle fibers/ tissue, strengthening of weak muscles and increasing joint mobilization.

This intern brings about the main effects on a body, which are.

  1. Improves the circulation of blood
    and lymphatic flow, helping to maintain the muscles and soft
    tissues in an optimum state of nutrition
  2. It radices muscle tightness and restriction, creating improved tone, flexibility and relaxation as well as promoting overall muscle balance
  3. It enables the recipient to recover more rapidly from injury and reduces the likelihood of further injuries.
  4. It reduces muscle soreness, enabling more consistent and higher level of training and performance.
  5. It restores the muscle to full range of movement.
  6. It provides a psychological boost and generates self-confidence.

If you are an active person and sustain an injury, for example to your wrist or ankle. i.e. sprain or strain just remember one word "R.I.C.E"


If an injury does occur the first steps are the most important in controlling the severity of the injury.

1. Rest, stop running
2. Ice the injury, never apply heat
3. Compression, for example wrap a bandage around the injured area
4. Elevation, raise the inured area, for example put your feet up.

RICE helps minimise internal bleeding and swelling and help to promote healing.

"Then seek professional advice"

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