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Personal Training

Anybody can join a gym and start pumping iron and building up the body but there is a right and wrong way for training.

What is the point of having the physic like a body builder or the flexibility of a performing artist if you cant even run a 100 meters with out gasping for air.

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The 6 key steps for looking good, feeling good, and building stamina are:

  1. Good Cardiovascular Exercises
  2. Good Nutrition/Diet
  3. Good Fluid Intake
  4. A relaxed atmosphere, In that the mind must be healthy before the body can react. The old saying is healthy body healthy mind, but it works both ways.
  5. Good Flexibility is very important for the recovery time of over training and injured muscle tissue.
  6. You can then start to hit the weights.

Hitting the weights

Basically you can hit the weight but not before learning
the proper techniques and posture with light weights example 2Kg.
The body is all about balance and if your technique is wrong you will put the body out of alignment causing muscle-skeletal discomfort.

There are many types of personal training for example

  1. Body Building programes
  2. Sports Specific Programmes, in that you would not use the same programme to a golfer as you would a Rugby player.
  3. Flexability programmes
  4. Rehabilitation programmes
  5. Structural Alignment Techniques SAT. This is a program i devised myself specifically for Actors , Dancers, Performing Artists and for people who are geuinnelly interested in good health. For i have found that poor posture accounts for over 80% of all (no induced injuries) Musclur skelatal Disorders
  6. Econcentric, Concentric and /

My two favourite of training Structural Alignment Technique excersises, Pilates, Body Pump which i also teach.

The Hardest thing to obtain is working out and relaxing at the same time, but if you can come out
of a gym after doing a good workout and say that you are relaxed, well then you are well on your
way to obtaining your goal.

Please read on and i hope you enjoy the
rest of the site, for this is to make you more aware and alleviate the chance of over training syndrome or muscle soreness.

Over the last 10 - 15 years there has been a public awareness of health and fittness. This is the peak time for health and fitness and an opportunity for you to channel your mind and body towards a better life and sense of relaxation and well being.

The a personal training that i provide at the gym or your home will assist you on a one on one knowledge of:

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Your life style analysis and reconstruction
  • Learning about the mechanics of your body
  • Correct posture alignment
  • Cardiovascular exercises
  • Training with weights
  • Training without weights for the same disure effect. Tubing / Tetrabands.
  • Correct stretching, increasing your flexability and range of movement within your joints.
  • Understanding fitness in relation to your health.
  • Body Building whether it be for competition or personal.
  • Endurance and toning sessions.
  • Full rehabilliation for an injury both muscular and skelatal.
  • Medical questionar and accurate update progress records kept and confidential.
  • Confidential consultation with local physican.
    (or any aspect of any weight training/
    flexability training and nutrition you are
    unfimiliar with.)

Pilates is a muscoskeletetal performance which entails flexibility, strength and endurance. This exercise results in reducing injury or overbulking up by focusing on the core stability including pelvic alignment and stabilisation. It works on your abdominals, and transverse abdominus, which act as a core to the stabilisation of your body.

Pilates also helps the natural skeletal alignment of the body and specific programs can help posture related problems. Benefits of Pilates are:

 - Core strength and stability
 - Relief from stress and backpain
 - Longer/leaner muscles
 - Improved posture
 - Enhanced athletic performance
 - Improved balance and co-ordination

...And most of all, for increased confidence and self awareness!

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