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Young Athlete Training

Over the years i have also done alot of personal training with professional young athletes.

Unfortunatly they are very eager to start lifting weights to optimise there performance. But this can be dangerous for children under the age of 17 - 18 the platlets in the longer bones and joints have not yet fused causing a weakness in the bone, and if unsupervised weight training is undertaken by a minor skeletal abnormalise that can occur.

These are also called the Growth plate.

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The growth plate is the area at the end of long bones (for example femur, tibia radius and more which allows longitudinal growth to occur.

The main shafts of the bones are hard, but the growth plates have not yet fused at the site of growth. The growth platlet consists of cartilage (giving flexability to the bone so thats why when a minor fractures a bone the site of injury heals faster than an adult.) but is eventually replaced by bone.

In my clinic i give group classes or with a parent present or treat class on the pro's and cons of weight training for minors. I am for weight - training for young athletics as long as they dont abuse the weights keep there concentration and listen to the teqniques i show.

I have worked with under 17's olympique skies and janelen, shotput, and basketball players and more. Each of them were dedicated to there training as they were to there sport.

Sometime's flexability and joint mobilization
can be more effective than weight lifting
for certain sports. And remember muscular strength and endurance is an important componment of physical fitness for both
boys and girls. So make sure they have
an exellent personal trainer because poor physical conditioning of young athletes
may be the leading cause of injury in
youth sports.

Muscular strength and endurance are vital
to our health and well being and not only develops the body but the mind aswell, and to our ability to perform in athletics and at work.

Young Athletes
Under no circumstances should young athletes be allowed to perform plyometric exercise without direct supervision by a knowledgeable personal trainer or coach.
Plyometric training is a technique used to develop explosive strength and power a plyometric exercise consists of a quick eccentric stretch followed by a powerful concentric contraction.

(Eccentric contration is when the overall length of a muscle increases during a contraction). Concentric contraction is when the muscle shortens and pulss on another structure such as a bone, to produce movement and reduce the angle at a joint eg. picking up a book involves a concentric contraction of the biceps brachii muscle in the arm.

Power lifting (onereptition maximum weight.) and competitive lifting should be discouraged for young children.

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